My name is Kostas Oreopoulos. I am 41 (born on March 1971). Started chess quite late (around 1985) and stopped playing actively over the board around 1993. Highest Fide rating 2293 and pretty much around there most of the time, since I rarely play. Managed to make one IM norm few years ago, but i don’t expect anymore coming soon šŸ™‚
I first graduated in 1992 from the Mathematics department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in 2000 from the department of Civil Engineering. Later I started my PhD in Boundary Element Method, which I never finished ( I admit I am lazy and leave things in the middle, which is a habit that recurs again and again in my life)
I am an amateur but passionate programmer, love music (playing and listening), cinema, soccer and much more.
I started playing correspondence chess in Nov 2009 and I really really love it. Although 3 years are not a long time for a correspondence player, I am an IM and very soon (once a couple games finish) an SM. My current rating is 2450. My next goal is becoming a GM, but this requires more work especially in the crucial, in my opinion phase of the opening.