We are glad to announce that registration is open to the Semifinal stage of the LIPEAD-40 tournament, an International event organized by the peruvian federation (LIPEAD) as a tribute to  our founding member Gustavo Paz y Barriga.

Registration closes on June 1st, 2014.

The following cash prizes will be available in the Final stage: First place 1,000 euros, Second place 300 euros and Third place 200 euros.

Who may play?

  1. Players that qualified in the Preliminary stage listed here.
  2. Any player rated 2200 or above willing to register.

How will the tournament be played?

  1. Exclusive ICCF webserver play, current ICCF rules, time control 10/50 with duplication after 20 days, conditionals will be allowed, live display with 5 move delay.
  2. ICCF Tiebreak rules for Individual tournaments (a. Number of wins, b. Sonnerborn-Berger and c. Result between tied players). If ties are not broken yet then the following rules will be applied in succesion: d. Number of wins with black, and e. Rating, player with higher tournament entry rating will advance if all other criteria are equal.
  3. Tiebreak rules are important because only one player per semifinal group will advance.
  4. There will not be adjudications, games that decide a qualifier will be played out before the Final can start.
  5. Group size will be 13-17 players depending on the number of entries, groups will be balanced by rating and norms may be available.
  6. The tournament official start date will be June 15, 2014

How to register?

  1. Players qualifying from the Preliminaries do not need to do anything and will be automatically seeded into the Semifinals, they will not pay any additional fees either.
  2. Players rated 2200 or above wishing to register in the Semifinals will need to pay the entry fee of 26 US dollars or 20 euros.
  3. We accept Paypal payments, credit or debit cards and «Bill Me Later», if players wish to pay in US dollars they should try this link, if they wish to pay in euros then follow this other link.
  4. Players may also register via their national federation.
  5. If players do not have access to any of these payment options please contact us to see if we have alternative methods of payment available.
  6. Current list of players registering directly into the Semifinals can be reviewed here.

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