Candidatos del Campeonato Mundial ICCF




Accesible a los jugadores que cumplan con los requisitos:

Section of the ICCF Rules – Candidates‘ Tournament

1. The following will be entitled to enter the Candidates’ Tournament:

(a) the participants of one of the previous or running Finals who scored at least 50% of the possible points.

(b) the participants in one of the previous or running Candidates’ Tournaments who finished in place 2 (in the exceptional event of only one qualifying place for the Final being available), 3 or 4 or scored at least 60% of the possible points but did not qualify for the Final.

(c) the first and second placed players in every Semi-Final group. (**)

(d) the first and second placed players in a Final of the ICCF World Cup Tournament. (This does not include the ICCF Veterans World Cup Tournament or Chess 960 World Cup Tournamants.)

(e) the first and second placed players from the acknowledged Zonal Championships of tournament average rating at 2451 or higher.

(f) all previous World Correspondence Chess Champions.

(g) the holders of the Grandmaster Title with at least 5 Grandmaster norms.

(h) those players who have a fixed rating of 2600 (*) and above.


3. Any player with a fixed rating of 2500 or above (*) can ask to enter a WCCC Camdidates‘ Tournament section.  The highest rated players will be accepted only to fulfill a section if the number of the entries won’t be a muliple or 13, 15 or 17. (***)

(*)  ELO ratings used in these Rules refer to any of those rating lists that were first published during the 12 months preceding the start of the tournament (ICCF Rule 1.2.1-9).

(**) Entries under (c) are free of charge and must be sent via NF.

(***) Requests of „reserve players“ have to be sent by e-mail via NF.