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La Final del torneo LIPEAD-40 concluyó

By Gino Figlio on noviembre 23, 2018 0 Comments

El pasado Marzo del 2018 terminó la etapa Final del torneo Internacional abierto organizado por la federación peruana en homenaje a nuestro socio fundador Gustavo Paz y Barriga.

El enlace del torneo se encuentra aquí: TABLA DE POSICIONES

De acuerdo a las reglas del torneo, los tres primeros lugares recibieron premios en efectivo (1,000; 300 y 200 euros respectivamente).

Pudimos obtener una pequeña entrega de los dos primeros lugares.


I’m 40 years old, lead engineer of IT-department in financial institution. I’m married. Our family is very big! We have 3 children: two girls Juliya 12 and Solomiya 3 years old and boy Vladik 6 years old. Also we have 1 kitten Susanna, 1 hamster Jusik and 2 snails Jack and Jill :-)). We live in the beautiful shady town Bucha not far from Kyiv.
I like chess very much. On ICCF since 2012. Lipead40 – my first big success, where I at last first IM norm archived. Therefore I registered in Copa Perú IV and will hope to win again and archiving second IM norm with cash prize. :))
I think, my best game in the tournament against SIM Kubicki, Tadeusz:
(I’m sorry, without annotations, because my English not very well).
Best wishes all ICCF-players in Copa Perú IV and other future tournaments!




I am 62 years old, I am married, I have got three children and a grandson. I live in southern Poland, in the region of Silesia. I work as a mining engineer in a local coal mine. I have been playing chess since my childhood: as an over-the-board player in a chess club between 1985 and 2010 and currently in correspondence chess tournaments. In my spare time I practice classical music and work on do-it-yourself projects in my home workshop.

My best game in the event is shown below






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